Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Radical measures - Remarkable results

Life is like cooking, if you put the normal ingedients and cook it is just the normal example if you cook dosa, if you just cook the normal way u get the normal dosa only if you add something ( like onion ) it increases its value
similarly, if we do the normal things like work same 8 hrs , save some money , get married have children get a house, get ur kids educated ...get retired, chant manthra and die , of course even to do this in this fashion requires lot of hard work and planning but in the last ...but we miss something called life , what is life?..life is not all this regular chores, is the world changed a little bit after you, atleast the world which is known to you ...has anybody benefited from your life in a good way

if you can make your parents life better ...you become a good son
if you can make your kids life better ...you become a good father
if you can make your village prosper ...you become a leader
if you can make your nation prosper .....you become mahathma

but how many people take a break and think out of the box ...everybody is caught in the routine and you dont live for urself nor you live for any purpose!!

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